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About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog “Stuart Chard Travels”

My name is Stu Chard and I'm from the UK. My wife, Lynn and I are about to embark on a new phase in our lives as we will be fully retired in 2023. We both love to travel and over the years we have visited many different countries but with limited time these have had to be short vacations. Back in 2007, we bought an apartment in Turkey which has been a wonderful experience and we are looking forward to spending more time there and travelling more extensively in Turkey.

I’m starting this blog to share our journeys, experiences, and photography along with any tips from along the way. I’m not an expert writer or blogger but with retirement, there is no excuse to procrastinate so it’s a case of “just start!”


My passion is photography so I’m looking forward to visually capturing the places we go and the things we see and some of that will be found within these pages as well as in my photography portfolio.

My wife Lynn is very much an ideas person, the planner, and the head of logistics without whom I would never leave home! Between us, we hope to create some entertaining posts and share our experiences of travel and retirement in all its aspects.


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Happy Travels

Stu and Lynn

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