Who Am I?

Welcome to my website – a place where I hang my photography hat and call home.   

My name is Stuart Chard and I’m a photographer from Walsall in the United Kingdom. I love shooting street photography, urban photography and travel photography and if I can do all three in one frame so much the better.

For my digital photography I only use the Fujifilm x-series of cameras but I also love film photography and for the last year or so I have used a variety of film cameras and develop my own black and white 35mm film.  In 2021 I started a store The Film Camera Place as an outlet for the various film cameras and gear that I have tried, refurbished used and tested.

My love and interest in photography goes back a long way. Back in the 70’s I bought my first Russian Zorki 35mm film camera and when I started a family, I used photography  to capture or family history – just everyday moments that can so often be lost. Over the years my interest and desire to document the world around me as grown both geographically as I travel but also as my family have grown up and had their own children.

I started this site as a vehicle to curate and share my own work as well as to share the things I’ve learned along the way. I’m based in Walsall not far from Birmingham in the United Kingdom and have a home in Marmaris in Turkey, so much of my photography is in the Midlands and southern Turkey. However, I have travelled widely and as I approach retirement, I will have the opportunity to explore and travel more widely.

Most of my work in both film and digital is in black and white. I stared that way in the 1970’s  but my colour vision is not great so I’m generally more comfortable working in shades of grey! I hope you enjoy looking around and please contact me of you have any questions.


All the best


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