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5 reasons to photograph the same place again and again...

Updated: Feb 22

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Birmingham New Street Station 2007

I enjoy travelling and taking pictures of new places. It's inspiring to walk the streets of a strange city and try to capture something different from the countless photographs already out there.

But most of my photographs come from the two places where I spend most of my time. Birmingham in the UK is my nearest city, and I also have an apartment in Marmaris, Turkey. I have tens of thousands of images from these places, yet I never get tired or bored of doing photo walks in these areas.

That's why this blog covers not only my travel photography but also my street photography. After all one mans home is another's destination and just because you live somewhere doesn't mean there are no stories to be found and nothing of interest to photograph.

There are good reasons for rephotographing familiar places and ways to keep it fresh and interesting.

Locations change and so do the scenes

Demolition of Birmingham Library 2016

Urban environments and big cities in, particular, are continually evolving. Anything from new buildings to wholesale redevelopment means there is always something new to photograph and create a historical record of the cityscape.

If like me you enjoy street photography then the city provides a great backdrop to the fleeting moments of people going about their everyday lives. Revisiting a place over time will document the history and presedrve those moments in time.

Go back to a locationwith new photography gear

A new lens or camera body combined with improvements to technology have allowed me to take pictures differently.

A different focal length can give a new perspective, and technical improvements mean that I can do things differently. For example, the advent of mirrorless cameras allowed me to see exactly how my black and white images would look through the viewfinder and adjust my settings to create the look I wanted.

Birmingham skyline

Themed photo walks give a fresh challenge

I like to introduce new challenges and interest by imposing limitations on what, or how I shoot. Here are some examples ;

  • Use only one prime lens.

  • Only take black and white

  • Only shoot interior shots

  • Choose a particular style such as minimalist or focus on the details in building such as doors or windows.

  • Shoot reflections in glass or water

  • Long exposure photography

  • Double exposure shots

  • Use a vintage lens

  • shoot a particular format such as squarephotograph

  • Photograph markets

  • Choose some outdoor events such as exhibitions,fireworks or concerts

  • Signs and billboards

  • Anything funny!

  • Urban decay

The Big Hoot - Owls in Birmingham

Shoot the weather

Familiar places can look very different depending on the weather or season. Snow completely changes the look of urban environments, and I find street photography in the rain produces very atmospheric images, particularly in the evenings when you gt the reflections from cars and street lights.

"Hebe" under snow

Practice makes perfect

No photographer wants to be learning how their gear works on a once in a lifetime visit to one of the seven wonders of the world. Photo walks and street photography, in particular, are a great way to make using your camera second nature. using my camera almost daily, even if I am in familiar places builds my experience and confidence because I am still reacting to what is happening around me and trying new things.

Birmingham Metro Tram

It's a good exercise

Photography can sometimes mean long hours sitting at a computer, uploading and editing images.

Although I might not be shooting anything new, a photo walk is a great way, to get some exercise, and while I'm out thinking about photography I'm not thinking or worrying about anything else!

St Martin in the Bullring