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A Few From Kew

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Spent a very long but enjoyable day around Kew gardens last weekend. A bit of rain here and there but overall a great day for walking around, enjoying the scenery and planting and taking pictures. This is the second trip to London in recent weeks and packed the Fujifilm X-pro1 along with the XC 15-45 lens.

The Fujifilm X-pro1

I’ve owned this camera for about two weeks now and given that it came out in 2009 I’m very late to the party. I already own the X-e2 and X-e3 and several film cameras (I also took the Olympus X-a2 but have not had chance to develop the film yet). The Xe bodies are both smaller and lighter and would probably have been the logical choice for an all day walk around camera, but there’s not that much in it and I want to get to know the X-pro1.

The XC 15-45 Zoom Lens

On my last visit to London, I took the Fuji 18mm F2. It’s a lens I shoot with a lot and its light and small (almost a pancake). On my own I’m free to wonder about and get where I need to be to take a shot, but on a family break no one is hanging around for me to take pictures. So, this time I opted for the cheap and cheerful XC zoom. The lens served me well and although it hasn’t found its way into my photography bag on many occasions, I will be considering it a lot more in my future travels.

Kew Gardens

I last visited Kew Gardens on a school trip which must have been several decades ago. I’m guessing 1974/5 (Somewhere have a photo). Either way I was due a return visit! Apart from the odd shower the weather held out and was just perfect for walking about through the gardens.

Photographs from Kew Gardens

All the photographs in the gallery are JPEGS straight out of the camera. One of the reasons for buying the Fujifilm X-pro1 was to check out the quality of the Jpegs from the early X-trans sensor.


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