• stuartchard

Around the block with the Canon FD 28mm

I picked this lens up some time ago as part of a film camera bundle and it didn’t strike me as anything particularly special so it's lay on a shelf unloved for the past year, until yesterday when I decided to dust it off and take it out on my Sunday walk. The lens dates back to 1979 which in my years is still pretty recent and the lens had more chance of making it round than me.

I own several "vintage" film lenses and while we are in effective lockdown I plan to test them on my Fujifilm X-e3 digital camera body and see how they compare. My local walks are an ideal opportunity to do this because the lenses are all manual focus and it helps if your subject doesnt move about too much - Building rarely do, although I do sway a bit in a breeze.

Although I like the images I don't think the lens has anything compelling in terms of image quality and as I already own the Fujifilm 27mm pancake lens this is probably one destined for eBay - Still I enjoyed the walk.

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