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Fujifilm Night Recipe & Custom Settings

The current lockdown is certainly limiting my options to explore the world. Having already cancelled trips to Turkey and Saint Lucia and given up completely on researching cruise holidays I've hunkered down and tried to make the best of things.

I live in a place called Great Wyrley which has a population of around 11,00 and is located in South Staffordshire in the UK. Not a natural environment for an urban street photographer. That said the lockdown as pushed me to explore of what's around me and I've been pleasantly surprised.

Fujifilm X Recipes

Fujifilm has been adept at marketing its legacy of film production and building in a variety of film simulations that can be selected in camera. This all fits neatly with the analogue look and feel of their camera system and has proved popular with photographers.

Photographers also have the option to further develop these settings and save the "Recipe" as a Custom Setting. I have been aware of this option for some time but only recently have I started to find out more about them. A number of recipes emulating various film stocks are available on the Fuji X Weekly site and I think are largely researched and developed by Ritchie Roesch - so the credit and more detail can be found there.

Night Photography

I'm currently working almost exclusively from home and have been for the best part of a year now. Even so by the time I finish my day job it's getting dark and this week I decided to see what night recipes I could try and have some fun with. I'm obviously not in a big city so my subject matter is a little bit small town low key, but I like that feeling!

I could only find one recipe that specifically refers to night photography and its based (loosely I think)upon the work of Los Angeles photographer Jeff Davenport. Yesterday evening I decided to get out and try out the settings but foolishly chose the evening storm Christoph swept through the UK, so my photo walk was somewhat of a scamper as it turns out.

Photo's below….

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