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Guernsey - British Isles Cruise

Guernsey was our first stop on our recent British Isles cruise which started in Southampton. Although the island is only 25 square miles, it attracts a fair number of cruise ships with at least two a week calling at St Peter Port harbour.

Where is Guernsey?

Guernsey is in the English Channel just north of the Normandy coast of France.

When is the best time to visit Guernsey?

Guernsey is open to cruise ships between April and October and the climate is a little warmer than you can expect on the English mainland. The best time to visit would be between May and September.

Is Guernsey a tender port?

Guernsey is a tender port so disembarkation from the ship takes a little time. However, the ship docks outside St peter Port which is the capital and once ashore you can begin exploring right away.

What to do in Guernsey?

Most cruise passengers will have a limited amount of time ashore. Immediately upon arriving ashore, you will be greeted by people who will provide maps and information for tourists. There is also a tourist information center just across the road from the port.

The local bus company provides tours of the islands and tickets can be purchased from the driver. The bus stops are right opposite your arrival point. To tour the island by bus requires a day pass which costs about £5. You may have some queues and waiting time to get on a bus as a lot of cruise passengers immediately head for the bus tours.

Alternatively, you can enjoy wandering around St Peter Port and browsing the shops etc and maybe seek out a nice pub for a beer and some lunch. If you are reasonably fit and enjoy a walk consider visiting Candie Gardens which has some nice views over the port as well as a museum and art gallery.

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