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How much spending money for Marmaris

Updated: Jul 20

The ever popular Bono restaurant in Marmaris

Holiday costs in Marmaris seem to come up frequently in various groups and forums. Of course, we all have different expectations from our holiday and its impossible to give advice on what money you should bring with you. However, I have had a home in Marmaris since 2000 and over that time I have done and tried most things and with that in mind I thought it would be useful to put together a sort of shopping list which I can update each year and expand over time.

If you are self-catering Iyou should budget for about £50 per person per day for a holiday in Marmaris. This should cover you for two/three meals a day including some drinks.

The Exchange Rate

It is true that inflation in Turkey is high, and prices can increase significantly from year to year. However, the exchange rate also tends to increase broadly in line with prices and this can help buffer tourists from the full impact of Turkeys inflation

I am writing this post in February 2023 in my apartment in Marmaris (The weather is beautiful, and the sun is streaming through the windows). The exchange rate is currently 22.5 Lira to the pound. Six months ago, the rate was 20.0. That’s a 10%+ increase. So, it makes sense to change your money at the last minute and preferably when you're in Marmaris as the rate will be better.

Should I bring sterling to Marmaris to get better deals?

This is also something that comes up in many forums. There is a viewpoint that the pound is king and all manner of deals will be forthcoming if you simply wave the cash! Well sadly money is money and although you may get a slightly better deal with cash rather than a card, it won't really matter whether you pay in pounds, dollars or Turkish Lira.

How much does it cost to eat out in Marmaris?

Typically, an evening meal for two people including wine will cost around £30 - £40 in 2023.

That’s a good budgeting yardstick and will cover most restaurants including the marina area. As always don’t be afraid to ask and confirm prices and if you like wine or cocktails then check the prices in advance. Remember imported spirits can be expensive and prices for drinks on boards outside some places may be for local spirits only. If you ask the waiter for a G&T and you given the choice of Bombay Saphire or Gorden's then expect to pay a premium and ditto for the mixer too!

Below is a restaurant price guide which gives a guide to the sort of prices you can expect to pay.

Marmaris restaurant Price Guide 2023

Simple mixed wrap with chips for two people in the Bazzar £5.00

Pizza 120-200TL

Turkish style breakfast 125TL

Burger and chips in Marina restaurant 129TL

Turkish tea 12TL

Chinese meal for two with wine 900 TL

Childrens meal (Nuggets/pizza/pasta) 100TL

Fillet Steak 300-400TL

Bottle of wine £200-300TL

Adana Kebab 169TL

Menu at the popular Taj Mahal in Marmaris

Supermarket Shopping Guide

Supermarket shopping in Marmaris

For those who prefer to self cater I’ve put together a list if prices form Migros which is a large Turkish supermarket chain.


Cost Turkish Lira

Cost GBP £

Schweppes Tonic 1Lt

25 TL


​Bottle of wine

159 TL


Efes Pilsner 4x50cl

133 TL


Bottle spirits

580 TL


Coca Cola 1Lt

18 TL


​Water 5Lts

13 TL


Milk 1Lt

27 TL


Butter 250 Gr

​45 Tl


Filter Coffee

139 TL


Turkish bread loaf

5 TL


​Pasta Sauce Jar



Tomatoes per Kg



Sea Bass (each)



Potatoes per Kg

​8 TL


Is Marmaris a cheap place to holiday?

Marmaris marina has many restaurants

Marmaris was once known as a very cheap holiday destination and attracted holiday makers who wanted a budget holiday in the sun. Over the years a combination of inflation and the popularity with Turkish people looking to enjoy a coastal retreat as pushed up prices for most things including property. Rental values for restaurants are now very expensive and business have to cover their costs in a relatively short season. Over the years the standard of food and accommodation has improved and I think Marmaris still represents good value for money.


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