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How to get to Porto from a cruise ship

Where do cruise ships dock in Porto

Ambassador Ambiance Cruise Ship

Porto (Oporto) is Portugal’s second-largest city after Lisbon. Cruise ships will dock at the Leixoes Cruise Port Terminal. The terminal was built in 2015 and is in the town of Matosinhos. Cruise ship schedules for the port of Leixoes can be found here.

Cruise ship passengers are not allowed to walk from the cruise ship to the port exit. The port provides a shuttle bus service to ferry passengers to the exit gates and security area, which takes a few minutes. I found this to be very efficient with little waiting time.

Once out of the port, you have the option of exploring the town of Matosinhos or venturing into Porto.

Can you walk into Porto

I enjoy walking and will whenever possible make my own way on foot, but I would not recommend walking into Porto from the cruise terminal. It’s too far to be practical for a short visit and there are better options available.

As you exit the cruise terminal staff will be on hand to give you advice on travelling into Porto and will provide cruise passengers with maps etc.

Travelling to Porto by public bus

The public bus into Porto is an easy option for cruise ship passengers and the nearest bus stop is five minutes from the cruise terminal. Make sure you pick up a map from the terminal staff who will mark the location for you. However, you will not be alone in wanting to reach Porto by bus and many passengers will be heading in the same direction so simply follow the crowds!

The journey takes about half an hour and costs a few Euros, which requires cash as cards are not currently accepted. The bus stops in the Sao Bento area of Porto which is where most of your fellow passengers will get off.

Travelling to Port using the Hop-on Hop-off bus

Hop-On Hop-Off buses in Porto

Several companies operate Hop-on Hop-off bus services. On leaving the terminal you will see the waiting buses and be greeted by staff looking to sell you tickets for their sightseeing tours. The numerous services and routes are denoted by red, blue, or yellow buses and each cost around 20 Euro. The tours end up back at the cruise terminal, so the cost effectively covers the return journey and the sightseeing tour.

It's also possible to join the service at various points along the route and if you have made your own way into Porto, you can still get to join one of the services for the tour and journey back to the cruise terminal.

Travelling to Porto by Taxi.

Finally, there is always the option to use a taxi service and for passengers travelling in groups, this can be a good option. Taxis will be available at the e to the port, and you can expect to pay up to 25 Euros for the twenty-minute journey.


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