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Is Dalaman Airport Expensive?

People eating in Dalaman Airport food outlet
Dalaman Airport Food outlets

Dalaman International Airport is the gateway to some of Turkey's most popular summer tourist destinations, most notably Marmaris to the west and Fethiye to the east. Although Turkey is high on the list of budget holidaymakers looking for all-inclusive pocket-friendly getaways it may come as a shock to find that the return journey home may cost more than expected.

My bill for two cheeseburgers and fries, plus one small bottle of water came to 782TL. With an exchange rate knocking on 30TL to the pound, that's a whopping £26.00 for the most basic meal you can get. Although there are several international food outlets including Subway, Burker King and Kentucky they are all going to charge you "top dollar" to eat out of a cardboard box in miserable surroundings.

Sharing a burger in Dalaman Airport
Enjoy fast food at Dalaman airport

So yes - Dalaman airport is expensive. If you want to avoid being robbed, then ask your hotel to make up a packed lunch. However, you won't be able to bring any drinks into the airport so pack a wet flannel!

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