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Old Goa Churhes

If you are visiting Goa here are three churches to visit while your there.

Old Goa is a 30 minute drive from Panjim which is the capital city in Goa. I travelled across from the vagator Beach area by taxi because although I’m not at all religious I do enjoy visiting churches and Old Goa had a few I wanted to explore. A large number of amazing religious buildings with European architecture give Old Goa the name of “Rome of the East”. I'll be in Rome in a few dayys and will be happy to confirm!

Basilica of Bom Jesus

One of the oldest churches in Goa and a Unesco world heritage site, basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the most visited churches in Goa. The structure is unusual because unlike many of the other churches it does not have a plaster finish.

Se Cathedral (Se means See)

Built in 1619 this is one of the largest churches in Asia and if you’re into church bells this places houses the Golden Bell which for those in the know is supposedly rich in tone. I didn’t hear it and couldn’t comment!

Church of St. Cajetan

St. Cajetan is believed to be modelled on St Peters Basilica in Rome. I will be in a few weeks and I can make the comparison then. Either way this church makes an impressive sight and is well worth a visit.

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