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PHOTO: Mushroom Street – Calle De Las Setas or Calle De Francisco

Giant mushrooms and bugs line the Calle De Francisco in Alicante, Spain.

Calla De Francisco or Mushroom Street in Alicante
Calla De Francisco in Alicantehas become a must visit for many tourists

Calle De Francisco was once a rundown area of ill repute. But all that changed when in 2013 when the town hall decided to sweep away the illegal traders and pedestrianize the area. Legitimate businesses and restaurants were encouraged to move in and transform the image and reputation of the area.

The council invested 60,000 Euros and installed mushroom & bug sculptures by the artist Sergio Martinez and gave the area a trendy fun leisure theme which now attracts tourists who enjoy the photo opportunity and the many bars and restaurants which line the streets.

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