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PHOTO: Spices Galore - Marmaris Sunday Market.

A selection of herbs and spices on sale at Marmaris Sunday market.

Turkish herbs and spices for sale in Marmaris Market
Turkish herbs & spices on sale in Marmaris Market

One of my Sunday rituals when staying in Turkey is to visit my local market in Beldibi, Marmaris. The market sells everything from cloths, fruit and vegetables, cheeses, pots and pans and my favorite stall - the herb and spice man.

As my plastic bags are filled with my selections by the scoopful I can't help but think about those tiny packets and jars on sale in Sainsburys (other outlets are available) and how expensive they are compared to here.

My store cupboards in England and in Turkey are full of Turkish seasonings for fish and meat, peppercorns of all colours, spices, nutmeg and herbal teas. I'm always tempted by the display and inevitably end up with a bag of something to try.


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