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My travel photography gear - Fujifilm X-e3

Fujifilm X-e3 the diminutive street and travel camera

I remember a very hot summers day in Turkey when I decided it was time to change camera systems. I’d spent most of the day in a jeep high in the hills and villages surrounding Marmaris. My Nikon DSLR had been swinging around my neck, and every time I set off somewhere on foot, my camera bag seemed to get heavier with each step. When its above 40 degrees, even your T-shirt starts to feel heavy.

Jeep Safari in Marmaris

On returning home, I sold my Nikon gear and all but one of my lenses. I bought the Fujifilm X-e2 at the end of 2013, and I have not once regretted the decision. My current camera is the Fuji X-e3.

I fell in love with the Fuji X-e cameras because they are compact, light and I have the option to switch lenses when required. As a street and travel photographer, the X-e series fits my needs perfectly, and I can take it anywhere with me.

When combined with the Fuji XF27mm F2 lens I have a camera, that can fit in a jacket pocket and meets all my needs. I use a hand strap rather than the supplied neck strap and when I’m out and about the Fuji hangs of my hands all the time. I’m always ready to go, never miss a shot- the camera is an extension to my arm.

Street Photography in Birmingham

At home and when I travel, I like to photograph everyday life on the street. My Fuji cameras do not draw attention, make me stand out or intimidate anyone. I’m not going into the detailed operation of the camera here. Suffice to say that for my purposes, most camera systems are going to get me good pictures. But Fuji has made cameras that are a delight to use and operate. Dials and buttons mean everything is intuitive, and once I have my custom settings how I want, I’m ready to go.

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